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Boring or Interesting Part II

Unless you are a late night shopper, you will eventually be in a line-up waiting to go through a cash register.  Anticipating the wait, stores usually have the latest gossip magazines and an assortment of high-priced candy placed at eye level to incite more spending.  When people get bored, they can read about the latest […]

Communication Technology

Texting – It works!

Anyone use a drum as a communication device? How about fires, smoke signals, the pony express? How many are glad that the printing press was invented?   Recently, I met with some friends and the discussion turned to the use of texting. Some people liked the idea but others were less than enthusiastic. How could texting […]

Clanmother Technology

I’m Training My Dragon!

  My newest venture is to train my Dragon, Hamish. I had been looking at a NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software program for quite some time. I was reluctant to try it out at first; however my birthday came along and – how can you refuse a birthday present? Now, with my headsets fully in place, […]