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Great Spirits

A couple of days ago Google+ sent me the top three posts for the week. Post # 1: The Dalai Lama came in with 243 comments and 395 shares. “As we look around us at the buildings we live and work in, the roads we travel, the clothes we wear, or the food we eat, […]

Green Earth

Earth Day +11 days

Celebrate the earth – and the free coffee April 22 On April 22, I sent a message to my family to meet me at Starbucks to celebrate Earth Day. “And don’t forget to bring your own tumbler,” I reminded them. Coffee is on Starbucks! Indeed, Starbucks was very generous that day – and the coffee […]


Global food prices hit record high – News – Al Jazeera English

  Global food prices hit record high – News – Al Jazeera English . Farmer and supermarkets, corner stores,  specialty bakeries, coffee shops – they have always been easily assessable.   But if you ask my parents who lived through the depression and war years, food was scarce.  Keeping food on the table was a matter of […]