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I’m Keeping My Promise

May 3, 2012 – Earth Day + 11 days – I made a commitment to recycle, recycle, recycle.  By a fortunate happenstance, a neighbour was gauging the interest in organizing a residential food scraps collection for our strata community.  The first meeting was June 7, 2012.  I am proud to announce that I am on […]

Green Earth

Earth Day +11 days

Celebrate the earth – and the free coffee April 22 On April 22, I sent a message to my family to meet me at Starbucks to celebrate Earth Day. “And don’t forget to bring your own tumbler,” I reminded them. Coffee is on Starbucks! Indeed, Starbucks was very generous that day – and the coffee […]

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Opinion: Tall or sprawl, Metro Vancouver has it all

Opinion: Tall or sprawl, Metro Vancouver has it all. Vancouver is my home and I agree that my city has it all!  It is also one of the “greener” communities on the North American Continent.  My contribution to keep Vancouver “green” was to move closer to work so that I could walk back and forth […]