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Benchmarks – A Love/Hate Relationship

“A woman can’t be too rich or too thin.” Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor Recently, OPreach stopped by for a visit to share words of wisdom. For any of you who follow her amazing blog, you will know she has a gift for inspiring reflection.  With one word, she gave me the topic of my […]

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The Change Equation – The Beginning

“If I see any more signs on the walls of my workplace that tell me to be the change, I cannot be held accountable for what I may say.” That came from a very good friend.  She’s intelligent, strong and full of cheerful humour. I knew exactly what she meant.  I want to be the […]

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Define Busy

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” Socrates The other day I met up with some friends who spent a considerable amount of time discussing how busy they were.  It became a competition.  Who was the busiest?  I even found myself contributing to this jumble of “busies.” In the end, I really didn’t know how much actual communication […]

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Measure Your Curiosity Fitness

Have you ever measured your curiosity fitness level?  You know – the part of you that has a strong desire to know or learn something.  Generally, humans are curious creatures.  But the true measure of curiosity fitness is how an individual defines “something.” When Katie Holmes filed for divorce on June 28th and Adele announced […]

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The Promise of Numbers

What is it about numbers?  They entice us with their simplicity.  They promise an outcome without a struggle. 10 money-saving ideas 5 foods that increase life expectancy 10 best recipes for summer 8 ways to boost your immune system 30 days to a better and happier life 10 ways to find hope Numbers make it […]

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Life is Measured…

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.” I have a coffee mug with this saying written boldly on the side. We quote the words often enough – or at least I do. But I have never really stopped to think how many times my […]