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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Dear readers, Clanmother has been nominated for the prestigious Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Maarit-Johanna and her thought-provoking blog, History of the Ancient World.  I am honoured to accept the nomination because, in my view, our blogging community is all about inspiration. Blogging has become a way in which to network and share across the […]

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A Corner in My Heart

I travelled to Banff in May 2003 to take one of my last MBA courses.  If I remember correctly, it was about strategic thinking within a global work environment. We arrived with the promise of sunshine, just in time to welcome a snowstorm. What I learned during my stay had very little to do with […]

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We like reward more…

If we are honest, most of us are risk-averse. Given the choice of certainty and uncertainty, we will generally go with the former.   We like our lives to be orderly, safe and predictable. Everything changes when a reward is put on the table.  We love incentives – the bigger they are, the quicker we accept […]

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Boring or Interesting Part II

Unless you are a late night shopper, you will eventually be in a line-up waiting to go through a cash register.  Anticipating the wait, stores usually have the latest gossip magazines and an assortment of high-priced candy placed at eye level to incite more spending.  When people get bored, they can read about the latest […]