By Rebecca Budd

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4 replies on “Banff”

A beautiful post … the photography is almost haunting. I, too, like to walk through cemeteries and ponder the stories the markers have to tell us. The message you shared is so true and so wise. I have the sense that Adele lived her life fully …


What a wonderful trip that will be! I was in Banff in Spring 2003 to take one of my last MBA courses at the Banff School of Advanced Management. On my way to class, a herd of deer would stroll along with me. It was magical. We went on a bus tour from Banff to Jasper as my reward for passing the exam (I would have gone even if I hadn’t passed). I will always remember the English couple we met on the trip. They were amazed by the “bigness” of Canada. After about 2 hours, they said: “We would have been to the Scottish Highlands by this time.”


Looking forward to your comments!

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