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Line-ups and Opportunities

You meet the most interesting people in line ups!  Especially in the morning coffee queues, when the need for caffeine has reached its zenith and patience is in the losing position. These are the times when opportunity gives its best performance.

I was wearing a bright scarf and she was wearing dark sunglasses to celebrate a day of Vancouver sunshine.  There was about a 20 year difference between us.  I think that she was the older, but after our conversation, I wasn’t so sure.  She was the personification of life-force energy.  Within the space of a few minutes, our discussion touched on travel, money and life transitions.  “When you get to my age,” she confided, “you don’t worry about running out of time, because you are too busy having fun.”

That was the moment I realized – this amazing woman, wearing dark sunglasses, never worried about time running out at any age.    She lived every stage of her life to the absolute fullest, without regret or reservation.  Instead of looking back, she lived in the present.  Instead of fearing the future, she lived with expectation.

There is always a line-up!  Look for the opportunity. I’m starting to wear dark sunglasses.

Bright Scarf & Dark Sunglasses

By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

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Thank you!!! It was a beautiful day – sunshine!!! Vancouver is known for its rain forest so I take every opportunity to get out my sunglasses. Wait until you see my yellow rubber boots. 🙂


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