The Gift of Flexibility

Springtime reminds me that everything must be done at the right time for the right reason to achieve a successful outcome. And I owe it all to the flowers. There is a short time frame for blooming. So I head out in the early morning, camera in hand, to capture a specific moment, knowing with certainty that if I wait until tomorrow it will be lost. Forever! Well, not exactly forever but until the next spring which is months away. I will have to wait.

The same holds true for life. I have learned to listen to those fleeting thoughts that drift through my mind that gently remind me to connect with a friend or participate in a recycling program. To act is a decision; decisions have the power to change the course of personal history.

In our existence, time is finite and inflexible. We have the gift of flexibility. We continue to evolve, physically and mentally. There was a time when I traveled with a backpack and sturdy walking shoes. While I still have my walking shoes, I have given up backpacking for hotels and restaurants.

I’m glad for my backpacking days; they form part of my life experience. I continue to add to my journey. I’m doing things now that I could never have before. Time seems to be on our side.

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