The Power of Resiliency

Someone asked me why I’m blogging.  Is it something about aging? Actually, Clanmother is about living. Living is a more difficult thing to do especially when you feel time is running out. That’s what it really comes down to. We don’t mind aging; we just don’t like getting old. The body that has faithfully carried us around for many years appears to be out of steam. We have a few more aches, especially when we try to keep up with the 25-year-olds. Wrinkles have become a constant companion even after we diligently apply liberal amounts of creams with the latest enzymes etc.

And everything seems to be getting faster – especially communication! Connectivity and communication are driving forces that keep us in step with our world. We live in a global community driven by texting, social media and instant chat where photos and videos are shared within seconds. Sometimes, we don’t even know that we are out-of-step, much less when we became out-of-step.

One of my favourite words is resiliency – the ability to return to the original form and/or the ability to recover readily from adversity. When I was young, I ran in the fast lane during a period of great change. My resiliency was high. We are now living in a time of even greater change. I believe resiliency is still a powerful energy, irrespective of age. And it is at its strongest when we participate in the dialogue. That means we must embrace new technologies and venues for communication.

I will age – that’s a fact. But I will not grow old.