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Earth Day +11 days

Celebrate the earth – and the free coffee April 22

On April 22, I sent a message to my family to meet me at Starbucks to celebrate Earth Day. “And don’t forget to bring your own tumbler,” I reminded them. Coffee is on Starbucks! Indeed, Starbucks was very generous that day – and the coffee was great, as usual. As I skilfully drank from my Starbucks tumbler, I felt like I was giving back to the earth.

According to Earth, more than 1 billion people in 192 countries took part in the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day. The world was united. Today is May 3 or Earth Day +11 days. This is when individual effort counts. It’s not as exciting as getting together in a big group to commemorate an extraordinary moment. This is the daily reality of keeping a promise. It’s changing what we do in small ways which can add up to large outcomes.

This is my commitment:

  1. Walk everywhere possible – to the library, grocery store, hairdresser, coffee shops; use public transit as the second alternative; use the car at last resort.
  2. Shop responsibly and buy products that have little or no packaging.
  3. Recycle, recycle recycle.
  4. Become paperless by learning new technologies.
  5. Keep an open mind to new ways of keeping the earth green.

I’m acting on point 5 today. A neighbour is organizing a residential food scraps collection for our strata. I will be sending him an e-mail to put my name on the list. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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By Rebecca Budd

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I am in the middle of reading “A First-Rate Madness” by Nassir Ghaemi. Ted Turner was featured in one of the chapters – highly motivated, charismatic and forward thinking. He will be an excellent force for the environment.


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