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Life is Measured…

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take

but by the moments that take your breath away.”

I have a coffee mug with this saying written boldly on the side. We quote the words often enough – or at least I do. But I have never really stopped to think how many times my breath was actually taken away during a one day, 24 hour time frame.

Today, I decided to make the count. Here’s the top 10!

  1. Welcomed a new day with my family.
  2. The sun was shining.
  3. Laughed five times before 9:30 AM.
  4. My mom (healthy at 81) called to say she loved me.
  5. I met a friend for lunch – sweet-and-sour soup – and laughed another 10 to 15 times.
  6. Walked with my husband along the seawall and felt the cool breeze against my cheek. Laughed at least 10 times. He has a great sense of humor.
  7. Stopped at a café for hot coffee and something sinfully sweet. Yummy without the calories! (A little white lie can’t hurt sometimes?!)
  8. Photographed a field of pale pink and orange tulips.
  9. Researched the life of Paul Gauguin and his painting, A Farm In Brittany
  10. Shared an orange with my son. Laughed 10 times more!

The time is now around 8:30 PM. There will be more “breath away” moments before the evening draws to a close.

Charlie Chaplin once said that “a day without laughter is a day wasted.”

He was right!

Rebecca aka Clanmother

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By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

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Thanks for your comment – had a wonderful walk along the Sea Wall today. Summer is around the corner. Looking forward to connecting via technology!!


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