My Life’s a Best Seller

Some questions make you think.  My creative friend, Allison, asked me if our lives were interesting enough for people to read about – not just for one day, but for a month, a year, even a lifetime. Here’s another question:  How many times do people quote us?

Actually, I have a wonderfully exciting life.  And I want to read about it in detail, minute by minute, appreciating the many facets that make up a lifetime of worries, fears, hope, love and connectedness. And I quote myself on a regular basis.  I can do that now that I am in my fifties and believe that my life reads better than a bestseller.

The Colour of the Highlands



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  1. I love the photo, great photography. I will read and enjoy anything you write about yourself. Actually the things we do and think may be very important in the future–if not to others, certainly to ourselves.