Global food prices hit record high – News – Al Jazeera English


Global food prices hit record high – News – Al Jazeera English


Farmer and supermarkets, corner stores,  specialty bakeries, coffee shops – they have always been easily assessable.   But if you ask my parents who lived through the depression and war years, food was scarce.  Keeping food on the table was a matter of resourcefulness and creativity.  Our Taking the Kitchen blog is our commitment to ingenuity.  When we went shopping today, our selection was based on frugality, rather than impulse.  Usually I am in a rush and opt for  the eye level product offerings.  But not tonight!  Check out our progress on Taking the Kitchen blog and on twitter, Taking the Kitch.  Twitter is so brief that I couldn’t add the “en” to kitchen.

By Rebecca Budd

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Food prices are not getting any lower! Even here! Vegetables are still the cheapest. Guess being a vegetarian would be a wise choice, money wise. I have been looking for good vegetable dishes. There are a lot of them around, it just takes time to make them. The crock pot seems to be very popular. I will be waiting to hear of Don’s and your success with this new venture. Is Thomas part of this? I cant find your article on Twitter!


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