The Boomer Surge?

Going out the Front Door

Boomer retirement surge starts now.

The Vancouver Sun published Boomer Retirement Surge Starts Now.  It was an appropriate day – January 3, 2011, when we begin the year fresh with the energy of a new start.  Having reached February,  I am still waiting for the promised surge of 65ers taking to the streets, en mass, to claim their inheritance of age.  The paper had a picture of a bearded man holding an indistinguishable object in his hand. His name:  Ron Farrell.  His quote: “you don’t see goals being attained by age; you see goals being attained by activity.”  His life is filled with volunteer work, travel and cottage visits.  When I went on line to “press” the post, Ron’s picture had been replaced by Bryan Wallace who was taking to the “the hills” with a snowboard. I shuddered at the thought of careening down a steep slope overloaded with packed snow.   Here then is the dilemma:  how should we crescendo into that “good night.”  What really matters to me is retaining dignity and relevance within our amazingly challenging, fast paced world.  While Ron has found relevance in snowboarding and Ron in volunteer work, I am still probing the boundaries of what is possible. I will gently and reverently relinquish my youth and bravely forge a new dynamic.  Remember Bilbo’s admonition to Frodo in J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Fellowship of the RingIt’s a dangerous business going out your front door.”  It may be dangerous, but the front door is open and we must take that first step.