Going out the Front Door

Boomer retirement surge starts now.

The Vancouver Sun published Boomer Retirement Surge Starts Now.  It was an appropriate day – January 3, 2011, when we begin the year fresh with the energy of a new start.  Having reached February,  I am still waiting for the promised surge of 65ers taking to the streets, en mass, to claim their inheritance of age.  The paper had a picture of a bearded man holding an indistinguishable object in his hand. His name:  Ron Farrell.  His quote: “you don’t see goals being attained by age; you see goals being attained by activity.”  His life is filled with volunteer work, travel and cottage visits.  When I went on line to “press” the post, Ron’s picture had been replaced by Bryan Wallace who was taking to the “the hills” with a snowboard. I shuddered at the thought of careening down a steep slope overloaded with packed snow.   Here then is the dilemma:  how should we crescendo into that “good night.”