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Teach Yourself Visually!

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My friend, Elena, knows that I have a relentless addiction to books, which I attribute (notice I did not write blame) mostly on my father who is an avid book collector. Books have always been in my life; even though my bookshelves are working overtime, there is always space for one more addition. Well, sometimes I end up with 4 or 5 additions. OK, sometimes it’s 10 or more. But then who really needs to count when everyone can see that each volume is priceless.

Back to Elena! Elena is one of those caring, knowledgeable and efficient associates at Indigos, who seems to know exactly what I require. In fact, Elena was the one who actually suggested that I start a blog. What a novel idea, I reflected as I sipped an extra hot cup of Chai latte at the Starbucks adjacent to Indigos. Then the “teach yourself” books started to migrate over to my table, thanks to Elena’s persistent approach. I am now the proud owner of “Teach Yourself Visually WordPress” by Janet Majure. I am promised that I will “Read Less – Learn More.” I have reached page 22 and have come to the conclusion the world is better when it is visual. So thank you, Janet, and thank you Elena.

By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

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Yes, I believe it is easier sometimes to learn visually. I guess there are many ways to learn–probably the most effective is by “doing”. Anyway, we need to take every opportunity to learn! Always!


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